Tango is Having a #HALLOWEENPARTY and YOU are Invited!

Its Halloween Time

Join us, if you dare, for a special Halloween costume party and get ready for a weekend of fun!

Tango Live is hosting a holiday party complete with costumes, prizes, and live musical performances from some of our biggest artists. It’s going to be a Halloweekend spectacle that even the ghouliest ghost won’t be able to resist!

When is it??

28/10  –  24-Hour Halloween Costume Party

31/10  –  Tango Halloween Party Special – Starting time 4:00 PM UTC

~ Costume Winners Announced ~

How do you enter the Costume Party to win prizes?

That’s the easiest and best part! All you have to do is livestream in your best costume on Thursday 28/10. One very important note though, make sure you livestream while using the hashtag:


The Tango team will follow your stream and feed during these 24 hours and at the end will pick one lucky winner from each of the following categories:

👻 Scariest

Does your stream cause viewers to scream? If you have the most hair-raising broadcast you might be the winner!

😎 Funnest

Halloween is fun, no doubt about that. But who’s the most enthusiastic about dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or showing off their best Halloween spirit?

Most Creative

If you’re the kind of person who thinks outside of the coffin and can bring frightfully fantastic Halloween ideas to life then this category is for you!

💄 Best Makeup

You don’t have to be a Hollywood makeup artist to win here (although that would probably help) you just need to show off your inner creativity to bring your Halloween makeup to life!

🌈 Best Stream Setup

A great Halloween stream needs more than just costume and makeup – it needs a haunted room to go live in! Whoever can transform their studio into a scary haunt will win!

💫 Best Performance

This is for the Halloween King/Queen! Whoever has all the elements of a great HallowSCREAM: costume, makeup, fun, setup, creativity, is going to walk away with the biggest treat of them all!

Need some ideas for your stream? Check out our most recent blog post here: How To Make Your Livestream Halloween Ready!

Prizes you say?!

Oh yes! This Halloween we have only treats – no tricks!

The winner of each category will be awarded 10,000 diamonds! The streamer who has the best performance will get the grand prize: 50,000 diamonds!

It’s a special event with great prizes that you won’t want to miss!

Tango Halloweekend guidelines

  1. Stream in your best costume on Thurs, Oct. 28th with the hashtag #HALLOWEENPARTY
  2. Screenshot yourself streaming in costume
  3. Post the screenshot on your Tango feed with the hashtag #HALLOWEENPARTY
  4. Follow Dee and join us for the official winners announcement in our Tango Halloween Party Special!

Winners will be announced during Tango’s Halloween Party stream on October 31st!

Tango will review all nominations and select the top costumes in each category to be featured in a festive Live Party Winners Announcement, where you will get to show off your costume!

That’s it – you’re in the contest and you’re up for great prizes!

Winners Announcement Live Party –

~ Costume Winners Announced ~ October 31st at 4:00 PM UTC

If you were chosen by the Tango team as the winner in your category, you will be contacted by a Tango team member and will be asked to join the Winners Announcement party in your award-worthy costume!


🎵 Music Performance

👻 Winner: Scariest Costume

😎 Winner: Funnest Costume

🎸Music Performance

Winner: Most Creative Costume

💄 Winner: Best Makeup

🎼 Music Performance

🌈Winner: Best Stream Setup

💫Winner: Best Overall Performance

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