Live Streaming Changed The Music Industry, And It’s Here To Stay

Live Streaming Changed The Music Industry

Even without Covid, more and more people are logging on to streaming services.

In 2003 Steve Jobs once confidently proclaimed, “The subscription model of buying music is bankrupt!” He made this bold prediction while standing on stage in front of thousands, holding up the most revolutionary technology of the day- the Apple iPod. Fast forward almost 12 years, and it seems like Apple isn’t so hubristic. Or, as current Apple CEO Tim Cook wisely stated, “Music has had a rich history of change.”

Today that change is happening faster than ever; subscription-based streaming services like Spotify and even Apple Music are dominating. Covid cancelled concerts and live performances, and even though bars and venues are (thankfully) reopening, many fans still haven’t abandoned the now-familiar live streaming platform.

What Does The Future Hold For Live Streaming?

As the music industry continues to grow by double digits each year, labels and artists have to adapt to creating music that stands out and connects with their fans. Enter live streaming, one of the only technologies that holds the power to bring artists face-to-face with their fans on a global scale. An advantage not lost on the major record labels.

Soon, no doubt, major stars like Drake and Rihanna will begin offering exclusive streaming concerts as well – an acoustic set perhaps with only a few hundred lucky fans in attendance. Remember that you heard it here first.

Musicians can and should go Live

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Up and coming musicians can now create and build a following by streaming live and chatting with fans directly. Not only that, but streaming your music and your sound allows your fans to give their input right away. Have a new song or idea? Play it, and the results will be immediately forthcoming.

So how does the up and coming rock / popstar get in ahead of the curve?

In comes Tango – the chance for you to provide exclusive access to your fans with live shows, special events, and real-time interactions with fans, all while earning an income (so much for the “starving artist” stigma).

As Tim Cook said, “Music has had a rich history of change… some of which we’ve played a part in.” There has never been a better time in history for you to play that part in the next musical revolution.

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