✨Tango Creator – Best Practices Part 3: Grow Your Community

Tango offers you the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world and create and grow your own fanbase.

Here are some methods to engage with viewers and grow your community on Tango through:


Your profile is the constant source for all things you! New viewers and fans will check your profile for photos, updates, and more. To update your fans, stay personable through authentic posts, photos and videos (which will also appear on your followers’ Feeds).Your profile is the right place to promote your next livestream, and a great ice breaker that your fans can ask you about while live.

⭐ In the Profile section you can also connect your Instagram account. This is your way for fans to check out your Instagram photos.

⭐ Share on Social Media: simply click the arrow on the top right of your Profile to share easily inside and outside of Tango!


Pre-Live: Personalize your stream with cool pictures (maybe ones that show off your talents!) and titles that detail the content of your upcoming livestream or your goal for the event (total diamonds, viewers, etc.). Have fun with these as they are a viewer’s first introduction into your stream is about.

Live: It’s action time! Now that you’re live, you can see all the viewers in your stream. Your goal? Get them to Follow you and send Gifts. To do this, it’s important to engage with all viewers in your stream (old and new), especially with your top gifters (which you can find in your Profile Menu under Top Gifters).

Take Your Live to the Next Level:

⭐ Many successful streamers often gamify their streams through live activities and direct shout-outs to thank top fans and make them feel special.

⭐ Ask for song requests.

⭐ Make your own live Q&A Sessions.

⭐ Start a Live Party:

After all…it takes 2 to Tango😉 Stream with another to grow your community with more viewers, create engaging and fun content together, and even earn bonus on all gifts!

Post-Live Actions:

Once you finish your stream, it’s time to personally thank your fans.

⭐ Follow your viewers.

⭐ Message top gifters to thank them personally.

⭐ Share your Happy Moments: Tango captures all your best Moments. When you receive a gift of over 500 Coins, a special clip of your reaction is saved which you can share with friends and promote on your Feed.

⭐ Create or Join a Live Family (available from over 10,000 Diamonds): an exclusive private group chat to help you share special news and content with your community.

The more you grow your community, the more successful you can be as a Tango Creator.
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